Yasuyuki Tanaka, President and CEO

Message from the President

A venture company
that has been
in business for over
110 years

For more than a century, Tanaka Scale Works has been contributing to greater quality and reliability by providing the accurate measurements that all industries depend on. Today, we are adding new elements to our mission: providing more useful measurements, building total measurement systems that can solve problems, and being a total measurement solution company that includes measurements other than weight. Leveraging our legacy of accuracy, we will take on the challenge of measuring things that have yet to be measured, and in so doing, create new value. We are already working on developing solutions for the IoT era, forming consortiums with partner companies to bridge measurement data to further value creation. In addition, just as we have supported the development of Japanese industry with accurate scales since the late 19th century, in recent years we have been expanding to support growth in emerging countries. In 2011, we established a base of operations in Dong Nai province in Vietnam. We are creating high-value-added products that boast our legacy of accuracy, unlike anything else made in such regions, in order to contribute to the development of industry throughout Asia.

While taking on these new challenges, it is ever critical that we not lose focus on our core business of scales, which provide accurate measurements for years and years. The sale of our products is never the ending point. The real significance comes as those products continue to provide accuracy for decades. It goes without saying that we are committed to providing high-quality products to our customers, but we also constantly keep our customers in mind as we consider what we can do better to provide accuracy for an even longer time. We will continue to fulfill our responsibilities to sell accurate products by confronting all issues in a thorough manner. We have inherited a mindset that cherishes long-term relationships from our predecessors. We will continue to honor the spirit of our core business of being a manufacturer of scales that provide accuracy for long periods of time. In order to be a group that maintains a youthful, venture mindset while building on our history of more than 110 years, we have focused on building an open, highly flexible company. Going forward, we are committed to continuing to expand our legacy of accuracy, which serves as the foundation of society’s trust in us, to the whole world, while holding true to the spirit of our core competency as a scale manufacturer.

Our Mission

With our spirit as
a scale manufacturer,
we will continue to sustain
the foundations of industry
and connect people together
in trust to make
the world an even
happier place.

Our Yardstick


Our Business Vision

Total Solution Company
for Measurements

Principles of Conduct

  • Always be considerate and strive to
    work in a way that will be appreciated
    by other people.
  • Accuracy cannot be maintained unless
    we properly maintain our scales,
    our colleagues and ourselves.
  • Real profit comes from three-way good
    (good for seller, buyer, and society)
  • You will be surprised what you can do.
    It all starts when you take the first step.
  • We take pride in providing correct
    standards to the world.
  • Failure is a treasure!
    Press forward when you are faced
    with a challenge.
  • Don’t bear your burdens alone.
    Rely on those around you
    to produce results.
  • Just omitting one critical word
    might increase everyone’s work.
    Accurate communication is the key
    to making things go well.