Corporate Philosophy

Aiming to
Be a Total Solution
for All Measurement

The mission of Tanaka Scale Works Co., Ltd.
has always been to ensure correctness in measurement
to stabilize the foundations of industry.

Today, we are adding to that mission,
aiming to become a total solution company
providing measurements that contribute to business evolution.

This means adding state-of-the-art technologies
such as AI and blockchain to the legacy
of accuracy that we have built over 110 years in business.

Even though we have been in business for more than a century,
we still believe we are a venture company.
We are committed to continually pursuing
the possibilities of the world of measurements.



Not Just Scales:
Tanaka’s Vaunted Product Lineup

We are committed to always providing consistent, accurate measurements.
We take pride in this fact as a scale manufacturer with a history of over 110 years.