Precise, Lasting,

These are the three promises of Tanaka Scale Works. This is our yardstick for providing value to our customers. As a scale manufacturer, we will not only reliably provide accurate measurements, but we also make our products sturdy so that you can use them for a long time (10 years, some even 50 years!). We even gladly accept repair requests for our older products that are no longer listed in our product catalogs. In fact, if you need help with the scales of other manufacturers, we will help perform maintenance on those as well. We do not chase immediate profits. Our commitment to you does not end once we sell you something. That is our spirit as a scale manufacturer.


From scales to
measurements using IoT

Scales, which sustain the foundations of all industry, have the potential today to drive industrial evolution by using the power of IoT technology. For example, it will be possible to aggregate measurement data and check it in real time everywhere. It will be possible to predict failure from the impact level detected by sensors and therefore minimize downtime. Not only we will be able to know the weight of something, but we will be able to track and manage for various conditions such as temperature and humidity. In this way, it will be possible to even better maintain the accuracy of measurement devices, whereby further improving productivity. We are committed to the continuous pursuit of all the possibilities of measurement, not just making the scales by which those measurements are made.


Made-to-order products
that match what
our customers want

Tanaka Scale Works has over 100 types of weighing machines, including made-to-order products. Leveraging the technology we have cultivated over 110 years of history, we are able to propose solutions that meet the needs of each customer. Please contact us for any questions regarding measurement solutions.


Maintenance network
that covers all of Japan

Our head office is in Sanjo, Niigata, and we have offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Sendai, Hachinohe and Fukuoka. In other regions in Japan, we have established a sales network and maintenance network with partner companies. All of our customers can use our products anywhere in Japan with the peace of mind that support will be there if needed.


We will be faithful to our
spirit as a scale manufacturer
and exceed the expectations
of our customers
with our great capacity
and technical capability.

All the employees of Tanaka Scale Works