Our liquid filling machine can perform stable filling and weighing
by using a high-accuracy load cell.



This photo is added options (scale upper roller conveyer, set-base with roller conveyer, long nozzle, drip-prevention device, capacity setting method indicator).


  • Weighing capacity is 30 kg
  • With excess/deficiency judgment function
  • Two-step feeding control
  • Weigh accurately in case of deficiency by automatic feeding and adding function
  • Long nozzles are available as options for foaming liquids


Please inform us of the properties of weighed objects and specifications of filling containers etc. if you are considering ordering this machine.

Capasity of Scale30kg
Scale Interval10g
Weighing accuracy± 20 g (under constant fluid pressure)
± 20 g(under constant fluid pressure)Up to 90 to 100 cans/hour
* Weighing accuracy and capability vary according to liquid and supply conditions.
Weighed objectsLiquid viscosity 10,000 CPS or less
No foaming (If there is foaming, it will be a long nozzle option)
Piping connection port1 1/2 ferrule connection
Weighing methodLoad cell one-point type
Platform Dimension350mm×380mm
Main MaterialSUS (wetted part SUS 316 or SUS 304)
Weight indicatorWeight display part: character height 13 mm fluorescent display tube
Quantitative display part: character height 7 mm fluorescent display tube
Power SupplyAC100V±10%50/60Hz1A
Please prepare independent Class D grounding.
Air source0.4~0.5MPa50L/min(ANR)
OptionUpper roller conveyor of a scale
Set-base with roller conveyer
Various connection ports (piping screw, flange, others)
Long nozzle
Drip prevention device
Capacity setting method indicator
External dimensionsWidth 710mm ×Depth 810mm ×Height 1,600mm