We provide the appropriate weighing and controling system depends on the customer’s system.
Regarding installation, maintanance and management, we aim for simplification and miniaturization in order to let the customer feel that belt scales are easy to use.

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C50 Type

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CW970 Type


C50 type Belt scale

  • Regarding the C50 type, the load detection part is housed inside the conveyor frame; therefore, the installation space is small and modification of the conveyor frame is unnecessary.
  • It has one weighing roller.

C50-2 type Belt scale

  • C50-2 type has two weighing rollers, and it supports to a conveyor for large conveyance amount.
  • Like the C50 type, the load detection part is housed in the conveyor frame.

CW 970 type Scale Controller

  • ZERO and SPAN calibration can be performed digitally by key operation.
  • At inspection of ZERO and SPAN, the error rate is automatically calculated and displayed.
  • Belt length-measurement function and belt speed-measurement function are incorporated.
  • Adjusting at installation and changing of instrument range are possible without using special instruments or changing parts.
  • With a comprehensive self-diagnosis function, it is easy to discover an operation mistake, abnormalities in the machine, and malfunctioning parts.
  • Panel installation type and wall hanging type are available depending on the installation location
  • Troubles caused by dust are eliminated owing to adoption of sheet key.
  • Contents of the memory are backed up by nonvolatile memory and lithium battery.
  • Scaling change is possible with one touch.